Wood you Wassail with us?


Enjoy the Wassail experience at 50 Foot Marketing and Design. Wassailfest is just one of the many reason 50 Foot Marketing & Design is based in the Historic District of Downtown New Braunfels. Our favorite event of the year to share with friends, family, and clients, Wassailfest is a true Norman Rockwell experience which keeps the community coming back year after year, a real favorite hometown event!

This year 50 Foot will be one of the wassail stops during New Braunfels' Wassailfest!

We invite you to visit our studio during this grand event, December 6, 2012 at 6:15pm. Come inside, relax and look at our new location, latest work and talk to the 50 Foot owners Martha and Justin. We will be offering home-brewed beer and wine for those who cary this wooden keepsake. This year we created a Wooden Keepsake to help everyone remember the fun they had at the 2012 Wassailfest in Downtown New Braunfels. This Postcard is printed on Birch Wood and sent to all our friends of 50 Foot.

Want one?

Tell us!

If you miss out this year, make sure your on the list for next!