Bakery and Catering

These 2 sisters have made the prettiest, tastiest cookies we have ever seen. The award winning logo itself is simple and to the point, the cream on top is the 2, the tart - a tart. Published in Graphic Design USA magazine. More samples of this logo can be found on our blog.

Miss Emma's

The little sister with spunk at Lone Star Bakery. She is hip, new, and has a history of baking behind her. She's already making a name for herself.

Jungle Laboratories

All of Jungle Logos have images relating to the product their selling. For Jungle Reptile we changed the "g"; to a chameleon, a easily recognizable and more accepted reptile, rather than a snake, or iguana.

LeafLock by SnapLock

For the Truss Leaflaock system we copied the already branded style of Snaplock gutter systems, and added a leaf for recognizability.

Raw Images Photography

Raw images needed a revamp of their image. We created a logo that would help them describe their services, and reflect their style.

Bird Dog & Cat Fish

Mike loves animals, but that is not why he opened up Bird Dog and Cat Fish. The Pet industry is a multi-million dollar market and he wanted his share. Understanding the market in Bulverde and the type of client that shops in animal specific stores, research led 50 Foot to create a sleek, catchy, and obvious logo that will ensure that any pet lover will want to stop by and visit.

Seidlitz Education

At 50 foot we want every logo to be memorable. With the intention of creating a symbol, we used the owner's style of teaching as our guide. This hand has many other images and ideas incorporated into it: communication, sunrise, growth, expansion and change.

Hotel and Brewery

Faust Hotel and Brewery of New Braunfels, TX had a logo, but no one had it in electronically - the end result was random fonts used by several vendors and advertisers. We revamped this oldie but goodie and created a timeless brewery logo and file they can use for consistent branding. Then we created a slogan that is just right for them and gave it a design of it's own for t-shirts and promotional material.

New Braunfels
Business Expo

We enjoy doing work for Downtown New Braunfels, we like to keep the city as pretty as possible. What better way then use our design!
"Keep New Braunfels Beautiful, Hire a Graphic Designer"

Garden's of Cranesburyview

Amy came you us on a Friday after Thanksgiving. Just receiving word she could continue with her plan of starting the Wedding Venue, she needed a logo and marketing material within a few days. Luckily we where there. More samples of the process of this logo is on our blog.

Griffin Photography

Photography logos are the hardest to do because of all the different considerations for the profession. The logo must depict what they photograph, how they photograph, their style, personality, and then be ever changing to their "fly by the seat of your pants" design changes because each photo is different and deserves it's own unique characteristic and colors. Learn more about this logo in our blog.

Gabby B's Boutique

Gabby B's wanted a peacock feather. That was the only request. Well, that and we should place a "g" in there, but not make it obvious. Hand drawn and then recreated in Adobe illustrator, we hit the mark.