Full Service Station.When is the last time you saw one of those?

Brand Development and Building: Who are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? 50 Foot has some big ideas to help you answer those big questions. We can help you define your goals, create corporate objectives, define brand strategy, institute message consistency, implement business building tactics, and determine measurement for success. And oh-by-the-way, we also can design corporate branding guidlines, a visual identity for your company that incorporates everything from type fonts to corporate colors, and when and where to use them.

Logo and Identity Design: Is your current "logo" just a few lines of black text on a business card? Trust us, you really need a logo. A logo - with both color and design - reflects the personality of you and your business and is the basis for anything you do or create for your business. Custom, Creative, Logo Design. See Samples.

Website Development: This is where 50 Foot really shines. We offer website developing skills that you most likely won't find anywhere else - we understand the technology, we're creative, and we have good marketing minds. It's been described as the triple threat. We can design and build your website, write its content, host it and maintain it. Or, if you already have a site, we can update the design and content and host it and maintain it. We know how to build a site that is user-friendly for consumers, trade, and perhaps most importantly, the media. We work with budgets big and small, so don't rule this out before you talk to us. See Samples.

Corporate Identity Design: The last thing your company needs is an identity crisis. So how do you avoid it? You get 50 Foot to develop a corporate identity for you. The trick to developing a successful corporate identity is to create a style that can be used with all of your marketing materials, but one that allows each piece to stand independently. We can do that.

Creative Advertising: 50 Foot can be your advertising agency, take both trade and consumer ads from conception and copy, straight through to layout, design, production and placement. We also can concept, produce and place radio and TV spots. We know how to deliver key messages to achieve client objectives when creating your advertising campaign.

Package Design: Good things come in smart packages. We work with you to create smarter packages that serve to explain, promote and protect the products they contain. If a new brand logo needs to be designed as part of your package then it's part of our job to make it great one. Before we design your new product's package or brand logo, your product needs a name. If you haven't settled on one yet, we can help there too. If your product needs its picture taken, you're in luck. Product shots, background photos, instructional photos and illustrations of products in use-are a big part of what we do for our clients.

Brochures: What an easy way to show off your company! Brochures are an excellent marketing tool, regardless of whether you're selling products, services or capabilities, or needing a how-to, or a company backgrounder. 50 Foot can provide graphic design, copy writing and printing.

Collateral Design: Where to begin? Let's see... Annual reports, sales catalogues, sales sheets, POS materials, books, magazines, newsletters, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, invitations, posters, brochures, banners, anything graphic design. Did we leave anything out? If so, we probably design/write/print that stuff too. See Samples.

National, Regional and Local Media Relations: 50 Foot has resources and contacts that enable us to conduct public relations and marketing communications programs ranging from a broad-based national effort to a special event in a single, target city. Our media contacts are second to none, and our specialty is creating news for our clients where they want, when they want.

Press Materials: When it comes to effective communication, few things are as powerful as the printed word. 50 Foot specializes in the development of trade and consumer press materials that get your messages out clearly and quickly, while bolstering your corporate and brand identity.

Digital Media Relations: With increasing frequency, Americans are getting their news by getting online. Most media outlets have a web presence, with a staff devoted to creating online content as well as posting the news and views that appear on the small screen or in the printed press each day. 50 Foot knows how to get your message to these electronic media outlets efficiently and effectively.

Other online stuff: A website is not your only online tool. If you think Facebook is a photo album, a blog is the name of an old-school Japanese monster movie, and Twitter is something birds do, you need 50 Foot. Social networking is constantly changing the message-delivery landscape, and we know how to make these communication methods work for our clients. Oh, and are you considering working with an email program such as iContact or Streamsend? To help you look really professional, we can design a custom template for your web based e-mail marketing that reflects your corporate identity.